Mail Services


Central Receiving and Mail Services (CRMS) provides sorting, distribution, and pick-up of all inter-departmental mail and all standard Canada Post mail and parcels for the Okanagan campus. We also pick up internal mail for UBC Vancouver, which is couriered in a bulk package to Vancouver’s Campus Mail department for distribution. These services are free of charge to faculty and staff.

Please note that the services of CRMS are for University business only. Personal items that are not for UBC use should not be delivered to the University.

Students living on campus should visit the student housing website for more information on receiving mail.

Internal Mail

CRMS will pick up your internal mail from your mail room or designated mail delivery/pick up location and deliver the item the following business day.

Please address all internal mail using the format below:

Name, Department, Building (Address or Acronym)

Internal mail going to Vancouver should also indicate that the item is destined for the Vancouver campus.

Incoming Mail

CRMS receives, sorts, and provides secure transportation of mail received by Canada Post and couriers to the recipient’s designated mail delivery location on campus.

Delivery Address Requirements

Delivery addresses are unique to each individual and must contain the recipient’s name, department, and building address. This information can be found in the UBC Directory. Room numbers are not required.

 Format: Example:
 Name  John H. Professor
 UBC Department  UBC Faculty of Management
 Street Address  1137 Alumni Avenue
 Kelowna, BC  Kelowna, BC
 V1V 1V7  V1V 1V7

Outgoing Mail

CRMS will pick up your outgoing mail from your mail room or designated mail delivery/pick up location. CRMS applies Canada Post postage using via an automated postage machine. Your department’s 3-digit mail code must be written on or attached to your mail in order for the postage to be applied.

All mail being addressed to off-campus recipients must comply with the addressing guidelines of Canada Post. These can be found on Canada Post’s website.

Bulk Mail-Outs

Please give CRMS as much notice as possible of bulk mail-outs. Depending on the volume of the mail-out, we may not be able to process all of your mail at once.

Departments are responsible for the cost of bulk mail-outs.